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How to Play Scoot

Need a quick way to review? Want to see what your kiddos know in less than 15 minutes? Scoot is a game I use in classrooms to get kiddos up and moving while we review. It's a quick way to get a look at how the class is doing with a concept. Just like any other game you play with students, teach them how to play it. It's a great way to spend 10 minutes on a rainy day, trust me.

How to Play

To play Scoot, put one numbered task card (in order) around the room. Essentially, students move while the task cards stay still. I use the same clockwise rotation each time to help the flow. Each student starts at a different task card with their numbered paper and pencil. If they are standing at task card #7, they answer at spot #7 on their paper. Students solve the task card they are standing at, look up to let the teacher know they are ready, and the teacher calls, "1, 2, 3, Scoot!"  Everyone shifts to the next ordinal number card to work on the next task card.  If you just finished working on card #7 you move to card #8.

Remember to practice moving around the room, and remind kiddos they don't sit and get settled at every chair, just answer the question. Play continues until they are back at their first card, then send everyone back to their seat. Check the cards as a whole group or collect the papers and check them on your own. Need some task cards? Here's a free set to review adjectives. Click on the picture below to download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Love it? I have tons more in my TPT store. :)

Click here to download these task cards free! It's a nice sample of my work. :)
Have you used Scoot? What are your experiences? Or are you going to go try it out at school this week? Leave a comment below to let us know!


  1. I LOVE SCOOT! I play the way you describe, though sometimes every desk has a card and the kids just wander around to finish the tasks (and I don't have to wait for a certain kid to hold up his pencil to finish a problem before calling scoot). LOVE how kids get so excited over the review through this game!

  2. I have heard of Scoot before, but haven't played it with my students yet. I'm excited to try it out this year!


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