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Summer Reading

Ummm, yeah.  I am that person.  The one who loves to read.  At the pool, at the beach, in the car, before I go to bed, you get the idea.   {source} Through all of the modeling of reading behaviors my kiddos get -naturally - a love of books.  The challenge with my kiddos is to keep them excited in new and different topics, since they love a "Reading Rut."  With that in mind, here are a couple of my "Go-To" lists of books to keep my own kiddos engaged all summer long!! 67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10 - Love this list!  Our family is working their way through this list.  Yes, even the Lord of the Rings.  My hubby and daughter read it together at bedtime.    Top Books of Bullying Prevention for Mighty Girls  - Love the empowering titles, and the reminder that all girls can be mighty girls. 100 Greatest Books for Kids, from Scholastic's Parent and Child Magazine  - This list was created by parents, for parents.  Sure, Charlotte'

Follow Me on Bloglovin

For those of you who don't know yet - sorry to break the news to you!  The Google Reader is not with us for much longer.  I was pretty bummed when I found this out - I had all my favorite blogs in there, set up just the way I wanted them!  It also assured me that I wouldn't miss new posts. I loved the “star” feature because I would star the posts that inspired me and then it would save them so I could go back later and “ pin ” the pictures that I wanted to keep. I ended up switching to Bloglovin  on the advice of some of the bloggers I follow, and I have to say I’m actually happier! Bloglovin is visually beautiful (Google reader was functional).   And  I can still “heart” the posts I love so I can go back and pin photos to pinterest . {source} If you've never followed blogs with a website like this, I recommend you give it a try.   Follow me on Bloglovin .

Summer Bucket List and Freebies

Summer time, and the relaxing has begun in full swing at the casa de Sykes...  Here's my Summer Bucket List , thanks to A Modern Teacher . In no particular order - * Put my feet in the ocean... done! * Spend time with the people who live in my house... you know, my family! * Plan for my Sabbatical ... 'cause I'm a girl who needs a schedule and a list. {source} * Create a few freebies... in progress, but here's one that is done! * Turn (gulp) 39 with a bit of grace and dignity. {source} Here's to a fabulous summer!  Be sure to link up !

Back It Up! :)

Okay, we're cruising into summer.  As you clean out your classroom, don't forget an important step... Back Up Your Files! {source} For reals... I work with a fantabulous teammate who creates uh-maz-ing materials.  She lost all of her files this year.  Twice.  Really.  I'm not gonna name names here, so don't ask me who this is...  The time we spend re-creating teaching materials, we could be on Pinterest!!  (BTW - feel like following me on Pinterest?   Click here! ) {source} Here are a few ways: Dropbox  - It is awesome!!   Dropbox  backs up my files on each of my computers, and I can also access all of my files on-line.  It's also easy to send files to others without filling up their inbox.  If you don't already have an account, click here to join for 2 GB free, and an extra 500 MB for each of us. Flash Drive - Old school, yes.  It works!  I have 2, since USB Drives fail.  I update one of them monthly, and the other every time I work on Report C