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Brain Booster Box Bright Idea!

The Brain Booster Box is one of my fave Bright Ideas so far!  The Brain Booster Box is my lifesaver.  It's a glittery treasure box I received from Highlights magazine ages ago, with a few special additions, and a perfect way to begin the school year. Brain Booster Box from Hello Mrs Sykes  First, I add some open-ended question cards, task cards, or questions I like from "I Have.. Who Has...?" games.  At the beginning of the year, these are open ended questions.  (Items that can fit in your pocket; Ways to create the number 42; Games that use a ball; etc.)  There is no winner/loser, and students don't mind because they get to use these babies...  Fun Buzzers!! Fun Buzzers Keep Everyone Interested I am so protective of the buzzers (which make different sounds - one is a doorbell, one is a spring-type "boing," etc.)  They also came from Highlights.  Now for the frowny-face part: when the materials are misused.  From the beginning, I make sure they kn

Teachers Pay Teachers (Vegas Baby!) Conference in Pictures

My family joined forces and sent me to the first ever Teacher Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas!  I had an amazing time, and had a goofy grin on my face all. the. time.  For real.  Since I just learned how to do the photo collage thing, I'll share those first... Here's a huge batch of photos...  Enjoy, and I hope to see you next year! Yep - just tons of photos...  I can't really talk about it coherently yet, except to say that it was life-changing for me.  I met a ton of people who I collaborated with, and was in shock that a few people already knew me from my little blog.  It was an honor to meet you all, ladies (and gentlemen!)