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Teacher Friendly Flash Drives and Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I geek out pretty hard with my supplies. I can even go a bit overboard... My pencil sharpener is guarded fiercely from colored pencils because it sharpens perfectly, every time. My post-its are color-coded for strategy practice, so please put them back. If you leave the cap off a dry-erase marker, you will get the business end of a hissy fit. And for the love of Maude, take special care of the markers in this box: That's why I'm super excited to show you this new little doodad that helps me so much: a paper clip style flash drive. If my internet speed is taking a long time to buffer videos in my classroom, I've got an easy way to access the video, even if it's not on my computer. Great for carrying your lesson planning home, too. I got my paper clip flash drive from . They have a ton of really cool designs to pick from. (See their best-sellers at this link ) I had mine in my binder at a meeting today, an