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How to Secure Your PDF ~ A Bright Idea!

Here's a quick, Bright Idea for all the Teacher-Authors out there...  How to secure a PDF. Read on to Secure PDFs for free

Boost Speaking and Listening

Y'all remember the game Say It ? I love, love, love this game. I wrote a post about it, including a video of how I use it with my reading groups. CLICK HERE to visit that post. And here I am, writing about them again. Seriously, I'm not real  well-planned   on the ball consistent lately. Really, this game is that good, and I wanted to pass along this special blogger deal - $10 per game! Read on to see the details!

The Best Pencil Grip!

If you're a teacher, you've seen the kiddos who need to work on their pencil grasp. Sometimes, I'm really just impressed they can write with their thumb folded across the index and middle fingers, or index fingers that wrap around the thumb and pencil. Let me tell you, it's not just their handwriting that will suffer; a wonky pencil grasp can impact their writing stamina, as it puts additional stress on their fingers. The result? They stop writing faster than they normally would, or they rush through their work so they can do it without getting fatigued. Read on for a Giveaway - a prize pack from