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Why Working With Kids Is Amazing

Sometimes, we just need a reminder of why we do what we do. Button Graphics  from my new favorite clipart artist, Tomato Dumplings . I went back and found these old pictures that I keep to remind me why I work with kids instead of adults.  They made me smile, and I thought you might enjoy them, too.  Enjoy!! A note on the board from 2 students to the rest of their class... A sticky note reminder - "I need to read" Reading your favorite silly books while wearing pajamas in public?  Yep. When given paper and markers, they made this - a bookmark with attitude. Even apples need some TLC.  Right, Casey ? Creating instruments to explore how sound works... Even 5th graders still love construction paper and markers.   Check out their ELA Notebooks here.  :) Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bright Ideas for Word Work!

Y'all know I love to geek out about words, right? O. My. Goodness.  I am so excited about this month's Bright Ideas Link Up! Here's my first tip: Don't reinvent the wheel.  As you study different words through your mini-lessons, keep the set of flashcards you had for the manipulatives, and keep them handy when you need to refer to a specific example. Occasionally, you need to take drastic action to help someone learn a few specific sight words.  They are tough, and we need to play around with these words.  That's what I did with my Kinder intervention group this week!  So much fun!!  :)  They were very proud to show them to their teacher, and especially to read these sight words to their teacher.  Also, the watercolors are the washable kind, so we're all good. I found used blank business cards, zip ties, and a few metal book rings from my "random" bin  desk.  They ended up looking fairly cute.  Feel free to use paper scraps, index car