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January in my Intervention Groups

Happy 2015! I have enjoyed the last 2 weeks, as I took the time to slow down, reflect, and spend time with my family. As 2015 begins, I wanted to take a moment to share some easy and fast materials I'll be using with my Literacy Intervention groups. Please note: all of my intervention groups are upper elementary, but these can be customized as needed for your class. Each of these activities includes fun materials to practice essential literacy skills. Enjoy!

Fun Word Searches for January

My kiddos enjoy word searches, and the words in these help to "front-load" my kiddos with the appropriate vocabulary to be able to participate in rich discussions.
Click to download for free from my TPT store

Click to download for free from my TPT store

Speaking and Listening About 2014

I love Flocabulary, and the Year in Rap 2014 does not disappoint! From the Winter Olympics to Ferguson, Missouri, the Year in Rap is sure to generate opportunities for speaking and listening within your class, too! For a close listening activity, use the "Fill in the Blanks" sheet, and allow repeated listening. I'm going to use it as a journal prompt: "Describe an important event from 2014. Be sure to justify why this event was important."

Click to visit Flocabulary's Year in Rap 2014

Essential Mid-Year Comprehension Skills

We are going to be focusing on Analogies and using Context Clues. I use task cards as a quick and effective way to differentiate for my struggling readers. Added bonus - the quick assessments are a fast and easy way to see who needs remediation.
Click to view these in my TPT store

Click to view these in my TPT store
 Looks like I'll spend this weekend printing, laminating, and cutting task cards!



  1. I have never seen "flocabulary" before! I am checking it out right after I write this comment! :) Thanks for the new resource!!

    Mind Sparks


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