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Spring Cleaning - Closets, Graphics, and TpT

Spring is a wonderful reminder to freshen up and begin anew.  At home, I'm working on closets...  My closet, my kiddos' closets, and the dreaded hall closet.  {{Why does everything end up in the closet??  I found a jump rope next to the paperwork for the refinance of our house...  both in the hall closet for some reason!  Uggggggh.}}  

To avoid dusting, scrubbing, and putting stuff where it belongs, I am also "Spring Cleaning" my computer.  My graphics files needed some attention, so I spent 30 minutes reorganizing.  Love how it turned out!!  It's so much easier for me to find the clip art I need when they are organized by artist!  :)

Also, I'm making sure I left feedback on my Teachers Pay Teachers purchases to earn my TPT credits.  They add up quickly, and are easy to redeem for free resources!!  Log in to TPT, click on the "My TPT" tab, then select "My Purchases."  It will show you a list of all of the purchases you made, along with the opportunity to leave feedback.  It's also a great place to see if you need to download an updated version of your purchases for free.

Next step in Spring Cleaning, clean out your wishlist!!

Here's a few favorite resources...
More Context Clues: Task Cards, Scoot, and Assessment
Inference Set 2: Task Cards, Scoot, and Assessment

More Compare and Contrast: Task Cards, Scoot, and Assessment
Happy Shopping!!

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