ELA CCSS Resources for Grades 3,4,and 5

Whoo-woo!  I'm so super excited to share this with y'all - I have been bursting to tell you for weeks, but it had to be kept very hush, hush.  You know... I can keep a secret.  :)  Anywhoo... I've been working (again) on these Comprehension Strategy Sheets for Literature Standards, Grades 3-5!  I keep coming up with more ideas that I just. have. to. add.  I began this project because it was such a challenge to find targeted informal assessments to use for remediation and enrichment options, as well as to inform parents of the standards covered in Common Core.  This pack includes graphic organizers and response sheets for all grades 3-5 RL standards.
Here's a peek inside!

Now more than 100 pages!!

What teachers are saying:
"Excellent bundle of resources, thanks!"
"Great resource for literature response aligned to each standard. Thank you!"
"A very practical resource that can be used to implement the common core."
"So wonderful!! I will be buying the RI set as well!"

Here's a free sample from TpT:

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