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Interactive Mystery Word of the Week {a freebie!}

Thought I'd share something I've been working on with my fifth graders!  I wanted to have a way for them to record all of their vocabulary work when we use the Mystery Word of the Week each day, but I only have them for such a short amount of time that I needed this to be fast, fast, fast.
Click to download the free poster :)
 I created a fast and interactive way to keep track of them in our notebooks...  Behold!  The Interactive Mystery Word of the Week!!
Download the template here
We have been having so much fun with this!!!  They are so excited when it's time for a new word because I let them write the first day's clues in pen.  (((Gasp!!)))  Yep, a ball-point pen.  Whatever color they want.  They get to write the first letter and blanks in pen, so they can try out their guesses in pencil without worrying about erasing the blanks.  This combines their obsession for office supplies and my passion for vocabulary development - it's a win-win!!  :)  Click on the picture above to download the template here. You can use it with any of the Mystery Word of the Week poster sets.  Eventually, I'll be updating the MW of the W to include this template... but that will be when I have enough energy time caffeine chocolate to bribe myself into sitting at the computer long enough to update those files.  Don't have any MW of the W sets yet?  Click here to download a free week from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Before I go, here's a shout out to Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs!  I'm loving the new bloggy look!!  She is awesome to work with, too!  What do you think?

A Bird in Hand Designs


  1. Love the new look! That owl is just too cute.
    My Second Sense


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