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Sabbatical Update, Informational Text, and Organized Lunches

Summer is in full swing, so it's back to school time at our house.  (Remember, I've been teaching at a year round school!)  Except, I'm on sabbatical - er, I mean, unemployed self-employed.  OK, here's the truth -  I'm only on sabbatical in my head.  On paper, I'm unemployed; the state of NC does not allow teachers to take unpaid leave unless we're serving our country or taking care of someone who is ill.  After 14 years in the classroom, I need a change of pace for the sake of my health.  I love teaching, and will return (one day!)  For now, I'm kind of reveling in the idea that back to school means my own kiddos go.  It's been over 10 years since I've had a quiet house, and I'm loving it!
Since I am not currently employed, I decided to spend more time creating and tweaking the teaching resources I've been working on for years.  Here's the most recent creation (over 6 months in the making!)  Comprehension Strategy Sheets for Informational Text Standards (Grades 3-5):
Click to view on TpT!
Click to view on TN!
Click to view on TpT!
Click to View on TN!

 What teachers are saying:
"Very thorough! Great documents!"
"Awesome organizers for the standards! Thanks!"
"I love your RL pack so I am thrilled to have this one too!"

OK - enough infomercial there - I was beginning to envision an announcer saying, "But wait... call now!"  Ick.  On to more interesting topics... Organized lunches!  Really.  As a mommy with very little time, I find this fascinating.  Put in a bit of prep time on Sunday afternoon, and lunches go smoothly all week.  (In theory, at least!)

I wish I had thought of this last year when I was so rushed every morning between my kiddos and getting to the assortment of morning meetings before school.  Do you think this would work for your house?  Are you out of school?  For how long? 


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