Follow Me on Bloglovin

For those of you who don't know yet - sorry to break the news to you!  The Google Reader is not with us for much longer.  I was pretty bummed when I found this out - I had all my favorite blogs in there, set up just the way I wanted them!  It also assured me that I wouldn't miss new posts. I loved the “star” feature because I would star the posts that inspired me and then it would save them so I could go back later and “pin” the pictures that I wanted to keep.
I ended up switching to Bloglovin on the advice of some of the bloggers I follow, and I have to say I’m actually happier! Bloglovin is visually beautiful (Google reader was functional).  And I can still “heart” the posts I love so I can go back and pin photos to pinterest.
If you've never followed blogs with a website like this, I recommend you give it a try.  Follow me on Bloglovin.
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