Currently, Excuses, and Joy!

Phew!  Am I the only one who felt that February just would. not. end?  I've got a ton of excuses for you as to why I've been MIA lately, but first I wanted to share what I am doing CuRrEnTly:

If you haven't visited Farley yet, you should.  Fo sho.  

I love, love, love a quiet house.  The kind of quiet where I can sleep as much as I want without mommy guilt, laundry, groceries, etc.  I can rest, read, and relax.  With everything that's been going on lately, my hubby and parents have treated me with this weekend of decadent quiet.

The support I have gotten from my family and my friends has been amazing.  I had a recent health issue that required lots of doctors' visits, lots of tests (*not multiple choice!*), lots of stress, and lots of pain, all within the span of 3 weeks.  Tests are done, results are in, everything is treatable, and I feel much better!  My amazing hubby took over everything so I could mommy from bed or the couch.  We played tons of board games.  Here's my son's favorite:
Here's my daughter's favorite:
I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in my life; my hubby, my son and daughter, my parents, his parents, our brothers and sisters, my amazing coworkers - particularly my 2nd grade teammates, and my true friends who were always there with a letter, a phone call, or a cup of coffee.  

I want a cleaner house.  Specifically, cleaner floors.  I love my home; it is comfortable and can be brought up to "company" standards without a lot of trouble.  Part of it is that we don't have our dogs anymore, and I really relied heavily on them to "clean" the kitchen floors since I tend to avoid sweeping!!  :)  Maybe I'll be getting another dog sooner than I had planned...

I need to get my rear in gear.  I have 20 unfinished projects for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook store on my computer.  Maybe I'll spend a bit of this quiet day working on them... but I'll probably go back to bed.  ;)

Like: Junior Mints.  Did you know that Junior Mints are really super-duper hard in the minty middle at first?  You would break your teeth trying to eat them.  Over time, they become perfect, and that's when they go on the grocery store shelf.  (If that's not true, blame Augusten Burroughs, 'cause I learned that in one of his books.)
Love: Joy.  I experience joy daily through the eyes of my children, the simple act of eating a good meal with family and friends, and in really taking time to stop and center myself on what is important in my life.

Hate: Jealousy.  Nuff said.  Be sure to acknowledge the amazing things your coworkers, family members, and friends are doing... be happy for them!  :)  Don't forget Farley's rule of 3!!  Love ya'll!
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