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Amazing Resources, Part 5 - ELA Edition!!

Ok, y'all.  It's been quite a while since I've shared some of the resources available for teachers to help with ELA instruction, so here are today's Amazing Resources!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Ummm, ok.  I love this site!  I have been visiting the Reading Comprehension section for 2nd grade a lot lately.  This has been uber helpful for helping my green beans in a slightly more interesting way than just using tons of worksheets/test-prep workbooks.  I project the page on the SmartBoard, and we read, find evidence, and discuss our reasoning together.
 HarperCollins Children's Book Printables - Go ahead and check out this site!!  It has so many cute printables to go along with children's books.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Love Storyline Online?  Read To Me - Las Vegas is another free site with on-line streaming videos with celebrities reading popular children's books.

Reading Rockets - I use this site bunches, but just learned that they have video interviews with children's book illustrators and authors.  (We watched one featuring Gail Gibbons during our author study last quarter.)

Have you got any Amazing Resources to share?  What's a website you always use and other teachers haven't found out about?


  1. Super helpful! I am adding this post to my diigo library! Thank you!

  2. I am loving the K12 Reader website! Thank you so much for sharing---can't wait until the next amazing resource post :)


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