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I {heart} VistaPrint - Even More!!

Y'all know I have a huge crush on VistaPrint, right?!?  Check out my latest order...

My personalized 2 G flash drive

Magnetic Clip

Stress Ball - for a couple of ADHD kiddos
A measuring tape - since I can never find mine!

Grand total - 4 items, including shipping and tax...  $11.05 (I had 30% off from an email).  Absolutely love these!  If you are new to VistaPrint, be sure to click here to get a special discount using my code.  I haven't quite figured out how the code-thing works, but we can give it a shot.  :)  All of these items are located under Promotional Items, and prices are given for large quantities.  Click the item you want, and look for the words "Try a Personalized Sample" - only $7.99 for the flash drive.

I think I'll be picking up a few more as teacher gifts - what teacher doesn't love personalized stuff? What are you going to shop for?


  1. LOVE the hard drive!!! That is so cool! I will head over to Vista Print later through your link and check it out. Have to go get ready for work, but just saw your post and wanted to take a quick peek! Thanks, Jen!!
    Growing Firsties

  2. I love the personalized flash drive - great for when you move from computer to computer!


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