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Track Out and Arrgh!! The Mystery Word of the Week!!

Ahoy there, mateys!  I'm in a fine mood tonight, since I only have One. More. Day.  That's right!  One. More.  Day.  I had a difficult time adjusting to the new curriculum and expectations so far this year, and my upcoming track out makes me positively giddy with anticipation.  I'm going to visit here...
Emerald Isle Pictures
This photo of Emerald Isle is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And do a bit of TpT/TN work, and rest and recharge!  Most importantly, I'm going to be a mommy, wife, and friend.  I'm looking forward to taking a nap in the afternoons again!!!  :)

Arrgh!!  I'm an East Carolina girl (we're the ECU Pirates!) so I have a soft spot for using pirates in the classroom.  I {finally!} finished my Mystery Word of the Week All Year Long - Pirate Theme!  I had so many requests for this, and I hope y'all enjoy them.  Here's some pics...  Click to learn more if you are so inclined!  I've included this set with my Superhero theme, so you can choose the theme that best suits your classroom and students.  :)
Click here for TpT, here for TN!
Click here for TpThere for TN!
Click here for TpThere for TN!
Click here for TpThere for TN!
Arrgh!!  {Pirate talk for "See Y'all Later!"}


  1. Love the mystery word pack...what a great idea! Enjoy your track out! Fall is my favorite time of year. I would really enjoy being off during some of the fall season. :)


  2. Haha, when I read Arrgh!! I thought you were frustrated about something, I'm glad that its your awesome mystery work of the week pack. Happy Track-Out Friend!!!!!!!! :)

  3. As a fellow Pirate, I must say.... Arrrgggg!!! Pirate Nation baby!


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