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Amazing Resources, Part 4

Found some more Amazing Resources for y'all!  Enjoy!

Reading - I know this is nothing new for most of you, but trust me - you want to read this tip!  Did you know that you can print books in multiple languages from Reading A-Z?  This saved me last year...  I had a student who did not enjoy doing his nightly reading.  His uncle, who didn't read/speak English, would tell him to read and ask him questions about his reading.  My student would pretend to read and then make stuff up to tell his uncle.  Uncle was frustrated (rightfully so!), and I began sending home Reading A-Z books in both English and Spanish.  Problem solved!  I love when there's a simple solution.  {Subscription service}

Free Common Core Posters for K-5 - Really.  There are printer-friendly *free* posters for ELA and Math for grades K-5 available for download from Core Common Standards.  At the home page, select your grade, add the free posters to your cart, and check-out.  They don't have the super-cute clipart we are used to from TpT and TN, but they are free.  {Free -Registration required}

Content Trailers - The West Baton Rouge Parish Schools website has a series of "Content Trailers".  These are free mini-videos to spark an interest.  The best part is, there are hundreds of them!  They are categorized by grade level (Pre K - Secondary) and by topic. (Literacy, Math, Science. Social Studies).  The videos are simply photographs or graphics, accompanied by music.  They give the children a "taste" of the topic, just enough to increase interest and begin activating schema.  {Free}

Quietube - This came to me from the Music teacher at my school, and it's too good not to share.  If you want to show a YouTube video, but you think all the stuff happening around the edges is distracting. You can remove them:
1. Bring up the video you want to watch.
2. Paste this in front of the URL: (so your URL will end up looking like:
3. Hit enter. You'll remove all the extra stuff.

Have y'all used any of these resources before in your classrooms?  Do you have any others to suggest?   :)


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