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The Super Teacher {Myth}

I know many of you are going back to school soon, so y'all should probably just ignore this post.  It's kind of a downer, and I don't want to cause you unnecessary stress, but it feels cathartic to share this, even though I'm telling you not to read it.

I'm in my 6th week back in school, and having a very difficult time doing my job this year.  My green beans are very sweet, and I miss them when I am not there.  These kiddos remind me of why I became a teacher.  I am there to help them become independent, critical thinkers who will benefit our society and the world as adults.  My job is important, and I take it seriously.

However, there's the downside: paperwork, meetings, new curriculum, little support for new curriculum, more paperwork, more meetings to discuss the paperwork, 10 different passwords to enter data in 10 different websites - all of which are {apparently} important, changes in how we collect the data, changes in how we analyze the data, and a constant barrage of 30 emails a day in my school account - each of which must be read.  I'd like to have an opportunity to spend my planning time actually planning my lessons or analyzing student work to learn more about the green beans I work with throughout the year.

I'm sick at home today, since my anxiety has my stomach in knots and I can't keep food down.  The stress is actually making me ill.  I'm not the only one, as gauged in the stress level of my colleagues; it seems that many of us have the same level of stress, so comments get mis-interpreted, leading to further stress.  I went looking online for a bit of inspiration, and found a video called “The Myth of the Super Teacher” from Roxanna Elden.
It's over 12 minutes long, but definitely worth the time.  I found it funny and insightful, even though this is my 14th year of teaching instead of my first.


  1. It's refreshing to "hear" you say this. Our school too, is looking at new administration, curriculum, staff changes, and all sorts of new data programs. We haven't even begun our new school year, but somehow have been responsible for curriculum items and technology changes all summer long. I feel my body tensing up just thinking about it. It's getting harder to remember the reasons we went into teaching. I hope some administrators and law makers start recognizing this.

    I'm sorry you're home sick with stress, but you are doing the right thing.

    Thanks again for sharing!


    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. Jen, I will say a little prayer for you because I have been there many times over my 20 year career. I think these are some of the toughest classroom times because we are pushed to the limit with responsibilities, all of which are supposed to be what's best for the children. What's best for the children might be to support the classroom teacher a lot more by actually giving us the time to plan and quit making cookie cutter robot teachers!
    Thanks for letting me vent. I will say a little prayer for you.

  3. Thank you so very much for posting that video! Wow, so many truths! Hang in there sweetie. You are not alone and we all share your emotion. Thinking of you and praying that soon your stress will decrease.
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  4. Oh Jen, I am sorry to hear this. The video was awesome. Keep in mind that you are worried because you care and that is why we do what we do.
    We can do it together! Please do not hesitate to ask if you need anything.
    My Second Sense

  5. Thank you for finding this video. Wonderful to watch on a Saturday morning after my first week of school.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  6. I agree, we are swimming against the current. Hopefully, soon, we will reach calm waters. Hang in there~

  7. Dear Jen,
    So very sorry to hear that the tsunami of data & paperwork has you swamped. I know that I have been there, and if we were all honest about it, I think every teacher would have to admit that they have, too!
    Hold hard to the core of why you are in the classroom: your green beans, and your dedication to their future! Each day, take time to reflect on their triumphs,and remember the role that you play in that. Their lives would not be the same without you and your dedication.
    Wlll this make all of the other nonsense disappear?
    Heck, no, but maybe it can help you keep it in perspective... at least more often! :)
    Your post really touched me today. I'll be praying for you.

    Primary Inspiration


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