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Reading Intervention Programs Advice

Hello!  I was chatting with my grade level today, and we had a question for y'all.  First, let me give you a bit of background - here is a picture of my amazing teammates:
My lovely teammates (except for Sondra!)

That's me in the middle of the back row.  Not too shabby for a day with no shower...  :)  (Long story!!)  Don't we look like a group who collaborates, works hard, and helps each other?  That's because we do!!!

Anywhoo... we wanted to know what y'all recommend for 2nd grade reading intervention programs.  Currently, we have Great Leaps, but we have had mixed results.  Some of our struggling kiddos have used GL since Kindergarten, and we're looking for another option that can be easily implemented.  As a Literacy Specialist, I love, love, loved both Soar to Success and the Benchmark Education materials, but they really don't lend themselves to having a para-professional or volunteer for implementation.  Side note: we won't have access to the shared Teaching Assistants we have after this year, so this needs to be easy for parent volunteers (or us, when we can't secure a volunteer!)  My principal has said that money might be available if we can find something effective and research-based, so let's find something great.  :)

Here are the questions: Do your 2nd grade teachers use a reading intervention program?  How effective is it?  Any advice?  Thanks so much for your advice!!!!  If you're sweet and leave some advice with your email address, I'll happily send out a "mystery item" from my TPT/TN stores.  Intrigued?  I think so!!   Thanks in advance for your help!!!


  1. As a Title 1 Math & Literacy Teacher our district uses Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Literacy Intervention program. I have used it for 2 years and LOVE it!

  2. We also use the LLI program. I have seen lots of growth with my kinders who have used it. My para was trained by our reading specialist and she worked with my kinders.


  3. Our tier II and tier III students use FCRR activities, SRA, or Great Leaps. We also like to use ticket to read or successmaker. I hope this helps.

  4. I really liked Soar to Success (I used it during Summer School). We use Lexia and Reading Mastery as our interventions at my school. If a para is trained, they can do most scripted types of programs.
    ✪ Miss W

    Miss W Teaches

  5. SRA 100% behind it. I have seen remarkable results behind it with our Title students. (no I am not a paid by them)Very scripted but you can easily add in extras when it is needed. (for example when my group was having a hard time with long vowels, I paused SRA for the day and threw in some worksheets etc from TPT) Good luck.

  6. I was at an ESL conference this summer, with teachers from all over the state of Virginia, and a ton lower grade teachers were talking about Michael McKenna's program for differentiated reading instruction. So many teachers that I wrote it down (and as a fifth grade teacher, that means a lot since we don't really use a program by 5th). I can't speak on the program's behalf, but they spoke highly of it! Here's a link to the book:


  7. Our school does not follow any programs...any! We have intervention time among grade levels where we share students and give them extra time working on needed skills.
    Some teachers at our school use great leaps, but extra guided reading is our only go to intervention. Have you e-mailed Jennifer Jones? I bet she has a list long of things her school has tried. She is amazing!
    My Second Sense

    1. Tania...thanks for the shout-out! We too use very little "programs"...this is due to the fact that students in the RTI process and receiving an intervention are getting assistance in one specific targeted area of need, the reading area/skill they are deficient in that is their most foundational area of need. I created an If/Then menu of interventions that I will post on my blog tomorrow.


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