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Attention Getters! :)

My Music Wand arrived in the mail yesterday!!!  I am in love.  It is such a pleasing soft sound, and it gets the attention of my rambunctious spirited group this year.  I'm adding it to my arsenal of attention getters.  Here's a quick run-down of my favorites:

Class?  Yes!  - This is my favorite!!  I've been with my new class for 4 days, and they were experts in this by the end of the first day...  Here's a link to a post with my favorite Whole Brain Teaching video - it will change the way you teach.  :)  Yes, for the better!!

Music Wand - it's awesome!  Here's the one I got...   <3 it!!  (No, they didn't pay me for this!  I just like it!)

If You Can Hear My Voice... - Love it!  Here are a few of the ones I use...

  • If you can hear my voice, clap once.  If you can hear my voice, clap twice. (repeat until everyone is "with the program."
  • If you can hear my voice, hands on hips.  If you can hear my voice, hands on head.  (etc.)
You get the general idea...

Windchimes - The only standby... my chimes were left by the previous teacher.  They are super cute ceramic fish (very beachy!) and they make a lovely sound.  I have them hanging under the flag where we can all reach them, but not by accident.  I do occasionally send students over to ring the chimes for me, which always gets the attention of the other kiddos.

What do you do to get your class' attention?


  1. I like to use sayings or jingles and my students love it. For instance: I say...okey doeky students say..... poeky. or I say... He lives at the bottom of the sea students say.....Sponge Bob Square Pants

  2. I like to change it up-
    what I say is on the left- they are on the right.
    hocus pocus.......time to focus!
    peanut butter.........jelly!

    and then the things I want to say
    migraine...........naptime! breaks!
    duct tape............illegal!

    Kidding, kidding

    ☞Go NuTTY with ME!

  3. I use "If you can hear my voice..." I have them clap up until 3 times and then I have them put their hands on their heads and their eyes on me.

  4. I use lots of these different sayings. It's a freebie click down below to download.

  5. Hi..I teach 4th grade and I use...give me 5..and they hold up their hands and then clasp them together..sit up straight..feet on floor and eyes on me! after a day of trial and error..also they use it when they are presenting..they love being in control.

  6. Hello! Just found your blog and became a follower! I teach first grade so I use "Give me 5" when we are on the carpet for gathering, any other time I count down to from 3-0, or I say if you can hear clap once, and so on. I like idea of the magic wand! Clever!

    Stop by my blog if you have chance!

  7. Just found your blog through the giveaway and am your newest follower. I'm excited to have another 2nd grade blog to follow! ;)

    Teaching Maddeness

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  9. Love love love class, yes. Last year was the first year I used it, and I loved it so much. I have never seen the magic wands, but those are neat! Really awesome looking too.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  10. Just found your blog through the giveaway. I am excited to find another second grade blog to follow. Come check out my new blog!


  11. I use the magic wand and my students and I love it! We also use Hocus Pocus ... Everybody Focus and All Set... You Bet !


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