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Summer Living and Random Bits of Awesome

I'm in full-fledged summer track out mode - making friends with the pool, my local thrift stores, trashy mysteries, and afternoon naps.  Believe me when I say that very few projects are getting finished at this moment...  My ADD is in full swing.  It's taken several  many hours to get this far in this post, because I keep starting something else, like packing to go here...

Emerald Isle Pictures

taking these guys to the pool...

and assorted other things, like make dinner, clean up, make s'mores over a campfire in our backyard {so fun!  hubby's idea!!}

Anywhoooo... I thought I'd share some random bits of awesome I found while websurfing:

Genre poster - love the way they highlight the similarities of different genres!
PluckyMomo has a fabulous Summer of Fun activity pack that I might use with my own kiddos -
Read Tennessee has a bunch of CCSS resources for Pre-K-3rd grades...
Read Tennessee
And just for giggles...
Also, I'm looking for a few guest bloggers to pick up my slack highlight over the summer.  Obviously, I'm not going to get a whole lot done here myself!!  :)  Interested?  Leave a comment below or email me at  Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Cute pics! I love the genre poster. I'm emailing you now.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  2. Finally a blogger who is in the same mode I am in! The pool and my Kindle are so much better than thinking about teaching! hahah!

    Oh and I love that genre poster.

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher


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