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Reading Response - 21 Free Prompts

What a busy weekend so far!  I thought I'd take a couple minutes to share with y'all while recovering from going out to watch the hubby play guitar (I'm no Spring Chicken anymore; I got home at 4:00 this morning, and have been in a zombie-like state all day!)  For the record, if you're out till 4AM, and you have 2 young kiddos, the next day is a wee bit demanding.  Not recommended unless you have an au-pair or nanny.

I'm already planning ways to get my 2nd graders ready for the transition to 3rd grade.  Since I'm in a year round school, there isn't an entire summer between grades.  In June, they are 2nd graders.  4 weeks later, in July, they come back as 3rd graders.  I thought I'd work on their responses to reading, so I created a set of task cards full of prompts to use when responding to reading.  A couple of my green beans just need me to give them the list, model it once, and they'll do great.  Most of the class will require a couple weeks of mini-lessons, and do fine.  And then I have the *very* small group who requires me to do everything but hold their pencil - they are the challenge.  There will be modifications for this group, including: tell your response to a listening partner before you write your sentence, limited topics to choose from, and write 1-2 sentences instead of a paragraph.

Reading Response Task Cards on TpT

Reading Response Task Cards on TpT

Since y'all are such an amazing group of teachers, here's a freebie!  Remember to leave me some feedback, and consider following my blog and store if you don't already.  Click the links below for a Reading Response Freebie!  Enjoy!!
Reading Response Topics for Free on TpT

Reading Response Freebie on TPT
Happy Teaching!!


  1. 4:00am??? Yuck! I hope you are able to catch up on some zzz's tonight! Thanks for the freebie! Be sure to go check out my new look! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

  2. Ooh, these will be great for reading response ideas next year. Thank you!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. Thanks for sharing the guided reading sheet. I just became your newest follower.

  4. Thank you for sharing this - and for free! :)


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