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More VistaPrint Love!

VistaPrint... oh VistaPrint... what would I do without you?  Here are a few more of my VistaPrint classroom creations; maybe they'll inspire you to make something for your classroom. 

A car-door magnet reminding the sweet peas to find the answer to their question from a classmate...

 Business card - sized magnets... Students write their name on one with a Sharpie and we use them to create bar graphs, Venn Diagrams, indicate where we are in the writing process, etc.

Self-inking stamp to label classroom library...

Personalized postcards for parent contacts, supply reminders, thank you notes, etc...

Another car-door magnet listing our morning routine...  so many different ways to use these!

A cute personalized notebook for taking notes at meetings.

Self-inking stamp for stamping notes to be signed...

My personalized teaching bag...  Love it!

Personalized stickers to label my items in the classroom...
I purchased all of these items for free, which means I just paid shipping.  I always use the cheapest shipping, and it takes about 2 weeks.  If you don't have an account yet, click here to use my referral link for 80% off your 1st order.


  1. Cute stuff. They made my business cards a while back. I'm running out, so I might have to look them up again.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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