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Don't Ditch the Eggs!

As a classroom teacher, I hate to throw stuff away.  The only exception is if I've accidentally watched a few minutes of the show Hoarders. - We are NOT hoarders! We are repurposers!
It has helped me to move in and out of my classroom this year - I've been able to let a lot go.  In my house, I now have a crazy insane amount of plastic eggs, and I need to get them out of here.  Here are a few useful ways to repurpose the eggs:

1.  Christina Bainbridge's Comprehension Eggs - I love, love, love these!  I actually send the list of questions home with my kiddos to use at home when discussing books.
2. Eggs Full of Sound - I put a variety of household objects in plastic eggs, and they have to find the egg with the matching sound.  Some great examples are: rice, screws, uncooked pasta, and toothpicks that have been cut in half to fit.  In NC, 2nd graders learn a lot about pitch, volume, and vibrations in science.  I give a basket of numbered eggs to each table and ask them to find the match and then describe the sound when you shake the egg.  This is a great way to encourage them to be careful listeners during science. My confession - Since I usually forget what is in the eggs, here's my "cheat sheet:" put the same objects in eggs # 1 & 8, # 2 & 7, #3 & 6, #4 &5.  Remember to tape the eggs shut.  :)

3. Rachelle's Classroom Management using Eggs  - I absolutely love this idea from What the Teacher Wants!  Best part - it encourages them to be on task and reinforces the desired behavior.  Fabulous.

4. Counting Change - Tomorrow, my students will each find an egg full of change.  Their morning work will be to find the amount and show how much change they would get from $1.00.  All week, same assignment, different eggs.  :)

May all your "Cold and Flu Season" dreams come true...


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